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Aluminium Global Industries established in 2023 having manufacturing unit at KIADB Somanahalli, Maddur. Our individual experience in various fields helps us to cater our services to various Industries viz Iron & steel, ferrous & non ferrous industries, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Industries etc. The company's beliefs and values have been the corner stones on which it has built a durable edifice.

Aluminium Global Industries offered system for melting of aluminum scrap using customized reverberatory furnace. Furnace is carbon steel furnace insulated with refractory Bricks. Raw material is feed to furnace through Pusher arrangement. Raw material is melted initially at 700 Degree Celsius plus or minus 30 Degree Celsius in the furnace. After melting flux should be added and dross removed after drossing, material like iron, steel should be removed from molten bath. To check the composition of molten metal draw bath sample and Check for Si, Cu, Mg, Zn, Fe, Ni, Pb and other element percentage in Bath with inhouse spectrometer. Required quantity of silicon/copper and other chemical should be added into the molten bath to maintain the composition as per customer requirement and mix it properly. Take bath sample again and check the composition. Scrubbing system is provided to main PPM level in flue gases .To process for ingot casting, Sample of Aluminum bath is taken and cut on lathe machine for chemical composition checking. If we found the sample ok with our requirement, process molten metal for casting. Launder Arrangement is offered for discharge of molten metal from furnace. Material is transfer to ingot casting machine though refractory insulated launder arrangement and provide clean finished product.

Quality Policy of Aluminium Global Industries

We at Aluminium Global Industries are committed to manufacture cost effective and value added products as listed in previous section with right solution meeting the Customer need. We understand the need of Customer & meet their requirements by using right technology, processes, quality at competitive prices with the support of Internal & External resources. The Quality Policy and Objectives shall be communicated and understood within the organisation and reviewed by Management regularly for their continuing suitability.

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